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—— High quality product is made by high quality people ——

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Strictly implement "self-check" "absolute" and "inspection" "ZhuanJian" always check "system," believe in "customer" of next working procedure "products zero defect" principle.

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—— "Introspection" and "absolute" and "inspection" "ZhuanJian" "check" ——

  • Company introduces Germany wu305, walter, HELITRONIC POWER five axis tool grinding machine, such as provides quality assurance...

  • Use strength to speak, etta, all colleagues, through unremitting efforts, to obtain recognition of the outside world...

  • Good working environment, create unlimited power production, we use the most full of working attitude, to verify the quality...

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—— Realistic and enterprising, good faith management, the superego, development innovation ——

  • Address: New north district street No. 106 of Pu Henan of garrison post of the villa in Xixia dynasty of Changzhou
  • Name: Zhang ZhengLiang
  • Phone: 0519-83462622
  • Fax: 0519-83462058
  • http://www.cnatfs.com
  • E-MAIL:zzlatfs@163.com
  • Network real-name:常州刀具